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I loved this film, but this Blu-ray release is terrible. None of the special features from the previous DVD release, no new special features, it's even lacking English subtitles. I study new and old technologies in urban and rural contexts with a focus on grassroots hands-on Di Y and Di T (Do-It-Together) cultures and practices.Foxy Brown (Grier) has found her soulmate in an undercover narcotics investigator, but when he is brutally murdered, she swears vengeance against the crime ring responsible. There's a dismemberment by airplane sequence that doesn't even attempt to look real. A big surprise for me was the commentary from director Jack Hill who like many film makers of the 70s came under harsh criticism for making the so called blaxplotation movies.(the films were accused of negatively portraying afro-americans,and targeting black audiences when they were largely produced, directed and written by whites.) Mr.Posing asa call girl to gain access to the ring's inner circle, Foxy discovers just how high the corruption extends, igniting a blistering war that takes her from the city streets to a remote drug laboratory to a breathtaking midair battle behind the controls of an airplane! Pam Grier is gorgeous and will rock your socks off. Hill's informative comments gave me a new understanding of how and why these films were made and sold.See In my practice as an artist and work as a designer, the model home, the replica and ‘naturalness’ in the built environment are my main concerns, in a period where office, retail, domestic and leisure spaces collapse into one another.

This writing team had a good grasp of Saunders' character, but had no notion what to do with Hanley (though getting his shirt off was a step in the right direction, as far as his female fans are concerned).

Since 2003 I have worked in and outside academia as a qualitative researcher (using visual, material and ethnographic methods) on projects that explore and expand conventional object-oriented knowledge and representational practice.

I make things to make sense of things – websites, blogs, exhibitions, stop-motion videos, collage, performance, hand-made machines and printed materials such as research ‘zines.

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