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As per advice I found on Google, I tried reverting to factory default settings in the BIOS.This yielded Update Success after ``Verifying DMI Pool Data,`` but it still hangs. My Ubuntu Live environment detects all the hard drives.Duplicated the original Pro EVO 850 Windows 7 install onto the new EVO 840 SSD drive. Wiped the original Pro EVO 850 SSD drive (Windows 7 is now on the new 840 SSD drive). Clean install of Windows 10 onto the original Pro EVO 850 SSD drive.On booting, I was presented with a Windows 10 screen allowing me to choose Windows 7 or Windows 10. I have been using this config for a couple of months now and both OS's are working well on the desktop. For example read something about that the battery was dead or something, but then it wouldn't remember the CMOS settings, would it? I have tried to look around and figure out what this is but can't figure it out.I've tried using the original Windows 10 iso image (on a DVD) to "repair" Windows 10, but this doesn't seem to have any affect.

It could also mean, that your mainboard is having some trouble reading from the hard drive.I booted back in to the recovery console and it said there were issues with startup and it could fix them, I let it try... Basically, I've tried everything I know how to do, nothing's working. EDIT: Okay so it appears that my "Boot manager is missing or corrupt" - no doubt due to the fact that my boot folder was totally wiped out... This just replaces all the system files, while leaving all the programs and data. Often better on the nerves to just backup and reinstall.Before I ask a question, this link might help to understand the MBR & Partition Table process: Do you have one HDD or 2 or more? If 2 or more, make sure you have set the BIOS to look for the 1st (system C for Windows) drive, in the drive table list. However, I then encountered different unusual behaviour. Google tells me that the source of problems similar to mine involve hardware and not software.Since I don't even get to Grub2 boot loader, it can`t be a problem with Ubuntu or Windows.I've now finished setting up Windows 10, so want to remove the new EVO 840 SSD drive (contains Windows 7) from my desktop, so I can use it in my laptop.