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Family vacation: She also chatted about swimming with pigs while on holiday, sharing personal pictures and intimate moments from her birthday on October 21st, which coincided with her 37th wedding anniversary She has come a long way since being the only woman in her first year law school class, and she opened up to Ms Couric about why she chose the male-dominated profession, and how she ended becoming the leading lady of the law.

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Copper tubes, which exchange heat in outdoor air conditioning units of Daikin Industries Ltd, are stacked at the production line of the company's Kusatsu factory in Shiga prefecture, western Japan March 20, 2015.

REUTERS/Yuya Shinoambia’s latest proposed mineral royalty regime, where the level charged is linked to the copper price, would be effective from the start of this month, the draft legislation shows.

Members will have little time to approve the law before parliament’s May 13 dissolution, as required by the constitution in the lead up to general elections scheduled for August. are among companies with operations in the country.

The new mine-tax legislation represents the third change since the start of last year.

That’s less than the 6 percent royalty for underground operations and 9 percent for open pit mines that came into effect in July.

The bill, posted on the parliamentary website, was presented to lawmakers for approval Wednesday.

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When copper trades higher than that, the charges will be 6 percent.However, this does not mean that censorship equipment is not present in the country, but just that these particular tests were not able to highlight it’s presence.Zambia is , conducted a study to examine whether internet censorship events occurred during the election period.He is listed as a producer on The Field, a forthcoming movie being developed by Linton's Stormchaser Films production company.Linton is an actor and film producer originally from Edinburgh.We fear for their self-esteem seeing as some people can make really nasty remarks about others’ looks, even if they are what is considered on average “hot”, just because they can.