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This is an informational tour in which students gain a basic understanding of geologic time, the evidence for events in Earth’s history, relative and absolute dating techniques, and the significance of the Geologic Time Scale.

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XX9 per gallon, e.g., .599, more commonly written as .59.When currently issued in circulating form, denominations equal to or less than a dollar are emitted as U. coins while denominations equal to or greater than a dollar are emitted as Federal Reserve notes (with the exception of gold, silver and platinum coins valued up to 0 as legal tender, but worth far more as bullion).Tuesdays and Wednesdays in August the Museum is open 10 am - 9 pm Free entrance for soldiers doing compulsory military service and for those doing National Service, courtesy of Israeli Friends of the Israel Museum Free entrance for children (under 18, excluding groups and workshops) on Tues and Sat thoughout the year, courtesy of the Canadian Friends of the Israel Museum and David and Inez Myers, Cleveland, Ohio Rockefeller Museum is closed on Tues, Fri, and Holiday Eves Ticho House is closed on Saturdays By Bus Bus lines: 7, 9, 14, 35, 66 Direct from Tel Aviv, line 100 from Shapirim Junction Parking Information and schedules » or dial Kol Kav *8787 By Car Parking for cars and bicycles outside the Museum GPS - Avraham Granot Street WAZE - Israel Museum Parking available for Museum visitors. Museum visitors are requested to retain entrance tickets, or receipts from Museum stores, or restaurants for presentation at the exit booth of the parking lot.Modern, the Museum's kosher meat restaurant, is designed in an early modernist style.Here are some suggestions that might make your trip safer and more comfortable.If your trip involves long stretches on a bus it’s recommended that you bring your favorite music with you (on a walkman, MP3 or similar device if you are traveling with a group).The maneh and the kikkar, however, were only units of account and remained so during the Second Temple period when the shekel became a coin denomination.

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To arrange events: 054-778-8558; 054-304-0279; [email protected] See Modern's website » Mansfeld, the Museum's dairy cafés, are named after Al Mansfeld, the first architect of the Israel Museum and winner of the Israel Prize for Architecture for his design of the Museum.

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Means of payment are mentioned in the Bible on various occasions; the relevant passages in their chronological order reflect the development of these means from stage to stage.

When compared with the material extant from contemporary cultures of the region, these passages show that the underlying concepts were region-wide in the Near East. Certain commodities became generally accepted means of payment such as cattle and hides.